Staying in Control of Who Accesses Your Commercial Property

Commercial property owners cannot be too careful about the safety and organization of their spaces.  They need to know who is coming and going each day and what threats need to be addressed to keep their clients and visitors safe.

Even so, you may not be able to stay on the properties you own each day.  You have to trust the people who come onto the properties to be responsible and not harm others.  You also have to control the flow of foot or vehicle traffic somehow.

Rather than hire people to man gates and perform safety checks, you can control the crush of people coming and going each day with turnstiles.  You can find these rotating gates as well as turnstile parts, glass doors, canopies, and other equipment for access control on the website today.

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Pacing Foot Traffic

People who intend to harm others typically are in a hurry to go in and out of the property.  They often rush into a building or onto a public lot, carry out their threat, and then run away as fast as they can.  They can easily carry out their plot when the areas they want to access are not restricted by gates.

Carrying out a dangerous threat to the public is not so easy when they have to go through turnstiles.  These gates slow people down and force them to take their time pushing the revolving door open.  The metal bars of the gates are designed to maintain a steady pace of foot traffic, making it difficult for people to rush in and out of the area.

You cannot practically prevent someone who is intent on doing harm to others.  However, you can slow down that person with a heavier metal turnstile gate.  The gate may give authorities enough time to catch the offender and spare the public from threats and attacks.

You may not think that these gates are available in many styles.  However, you can find them in different sizes, makes, and models on the website.  You can find the ideal style for your property and likewise discover how much the gates will cost you to add to your commercial spaces.

Safety experts agree that foot and vehicle traffic control can help ward off threats and harm to the public.  You can invest in gates to maintain steady paces of visitors on your properties by shopping online today.

Signs You’re in Need of Concrete Restoration Services

The first impression of any business is its parking lot. Companies often struggle with ensuring sidewalks, parking areas, and even small roadways are in good enough condition because it creates a negative impression when a customer pulls in and must navigate complex cracks and potholes. Instantly, the driver is upset. To avoid this, proper maintenance to all exterior surfaces, especially concrete, is necessary. When is it necessary to obtain concrete restoration services?

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Crumbling Concrete

Concrete deteriorates over time. Depending on the amount of freezing and thawing, use, and the application method, it can often crumble. Any indication of this, such as the development of a pebble-like surface, is an indication of damage that needs attention. This type of crumbling will worsen over time without proper care. However, restoration work as soon as evidence of this occurs can help reduce the need for a comprehensive replacement process. Concrete restoration services can help shore up the surface to reduce overall maintenance costs.

Cracks Are Present

Cracks are a tell-tale sign of damage to the concrete’s foundation and overall integrity. Cracking is not uncommon, though. It often occurs as a result of movement of the foundation layers, such as rain washing away the surface underneath the concrete. It can also occur as a result of significant temperature changes. When a crack or small fissure occurs, water can become trapped there. In the winter months, the water freezes. This causes an expansion of the surrounding concrete. Over time, this worsens. The constant freezing and thawing that can occur in a single year can lead to the development of significant damage.

Concrete restoration services can help in many situations. The sooner the cracks or small fissures receive attention, the less likely it is for this to worsen. And restoration can often reduce the need to replace the concrete completely. It’s quite hard to sell a building with a bad foundation, so acting fast is in your best interest.

Uneven Pads

Concrete is laid in blocks or pads. This ensures each pad can move some as the ground under it shifts. However, the development of a significant difference between the height of the pads indicates a key concern. This means there’s a significant amount of deterioration present. These uneven surfaces put strain on other portions of the concrete, making it more likely to fail. However, the big risk here to businesses is that it creates a significant tripping hazard.

There are solutions for fixing this uneven level. Often, concrete restoration involves the drilling of small holes in the pad, filling the ground under the area with concrete, and sealing it. This elevates the existing, dropped layer upward, reducing the risk of tripping.

When Should Concrete Be Repaired?

There are several key indications that concrete needs repair sooner rather than later.

  • The concrete is no longer level.
  • Cracks develop and continue to spread.
  • Water is pooling in one or more areas of the driveway or sidewalk area.
  • It has an aged, worn appearance.
  • Its crumbling or otherwise worn, sometimes with evidence of the steel support system showing.
  • Doors do not open easily any longer, indicating a slight change in the elevation.
  • Walls are cracking around the concrete area, often near a building’s foundation.
  • Floors seem to be sinking.
  • There’s evidence of change in the way the concrete slopes.

Whenever any of these situations occur, there is a real opportunity to take action right away to make repairs. Concrete restoration services work to restore the integrity, safety, and durability of the structure. However, they can only be truly successful if used sooner rather than later. Extensive solutions exist to help with many of these and other concrete problems.

Concrete can last decades when well maintained. When any structural changes occur to the concrete, though, it requires attention. Concrete restoration not only can shore up problems that are unsightly but also make surfaces safe again for customers and clients. This also preserves the value of the property and gives owners peace of mind.

Three Digital Advertising Modalities That Can Push Your Business Forward Online

Once you realize that the ecommerce sector can provide your business with the opportunity for ongoing, unlimited growth, you may be ready to venture into the world of digital advertising. If so, it’s important to learn more about the different marketing modalities you can deploy to make growth happen in the ecommerce domain. Below you’ll find three digital advertising modalities you can utilize to push your business forward online:

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1. Social Media Marketing.

In addition to identifying your influencers, make sure that you take the time to develop a strong social media presence. Social media presence is important because it can enhance your ability to develop meaningful relationships with members of your target audience in the online world. Note that there are multiple social media channels you can use to communicate with and convert members of your target audience. Some of them include:

• LinkedIn
• Twitter
• Facebook
• Google+
• Instagram

One social media optimization (SMO) technique that business owners might try using is Twitter polls. These polls help you learn more about the preferences, perspectives, and proclivities of your target audience. A sample question one might ask in a Twitter poll would be “Which of our fitness classes do you find the most effective and important in light of your unique wellness goals?” Some answer options might include:

a. Step aerobics
b. Pilates
c. Kickboxing
d. Yoga

2. Content Optimization.

Content optimization is another ecommerce strategy that can make your company more excellent and eye-catching in the online domain. Making the most of your content is important for many reasons, and one of them is that doing so can increase the likelihood of your organization going viral. For example, if you put together and publish an aesthetically appealing blog post, you might find that your readers tweet it to the individuals in their social networks. The individuals who see the tweet might then retweet it. If this process happens over and over again, millions of people could be exposed to your brand within several hours. In addition to presenting you with the opportunity to develop a global presence, going viral can take your organization’s bottom line from unimpressive to exceptional.

Note that there are hundreds of content optimization strategies you can reference for the purpose of making your web articles and blog posts increasingly impressive, intriguing, information-rich, aesthetically appealing, engaging, etc. One of them is making the site more visually engaging through the inclusion of dynamic, cutting edge infographics. These infographics present your readers/viewers with statistics in the form of accessible bar graphs, charts, etc. The bonus or big benefit of using infographics is that they are almost always aesthetically innovative, with this factor increasing the eye-catching potential of your content!

3. Web Design And Development.

Maintaining an incredible, highly functional website is a wonderful way to increase sales and connect with more and more online influencers, prospective business partners, etc. There are multiple site optimization strategies you can deploy to keep your website in full bloom online. One of them is the use of online store builder products and services offered by organizations such as 1shoppingcart. These products and services are important because they simplify the shopper’s process of selecting the ideal goods and making a purchase via internet.

Start Growing Online Immediately!

If you’re ready for your brand to become a big deal online, know that you can realize the goal. Three strategies that can help make your brand more impressive in the digital sector are outlined above. Review this information to ensure that you can take your company into deeper and deeper dimensions of success and savvy within the online domain!

Top Lawyers See Litigation as a Team Effort Today

The days of the old trial lawyer are heading out the door. In the movies and on television shows, lawyers look like solo teams. Smart guys show up in suits and win money on behalf of their clients without breaking a sweat. In reality, litigation looks very little like this. The best litigators today are beginning to understand that big trials are only won by lawyers who understand how to leverage the tools around them. If they’re going to win, it will be because they had a solid team at their side to convince the jury of the efficacy of their arguments.

Many lawyers are choosing a litigation support specialist to help handle all the details of litigation that can mean so much. Litigation is all about putting in the proper research, winning at discovery and making sure that the little things are done properly. Big trials can be so time-consuming that it’s almost impossible for a single lawyer to do everything on his plate. While some lawyers choose to partner with other firms to bring their resources together, smart lawyers choose consulting firms when they get overloaded. Having a specialist handle the important details can turn a losing trial into a winner.

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Consultants help to bring the best expert witnesses into play for solid litigators. Experts are critical no matter what the subject matter is at trial. Whether it’s a complex financial case or a car wreck, a good expert can explain some critical topic to the jury in a way that’s convincing and credible. Big trials are often just a battle of the experts, with the most prepared party walking away with a big judgment. It’s a mistake to show up to this kind of gun fight without a big gun of your own.

Litigation can be an all-out war for lawyers and their clients today. Many choose to settle their cases so they don’t have to worry about all the details and difficulty. Many more make the hard choice to fight in trial. The ones that win often have the help of a solid consulting firm on their side, giving them critical litigation support so that lawyers can focus on honing their arguments. It’s the new era in legal representation, where smart lawyers are understanding that it makes no sense to go to war as a one-man army.

How Economic Reports Benefit Construction Crews

Construction crews that tackle building and renovation projects need reliable information that highlights trends in local neighborhoods and business districts. While economic reports are used during the development phase, construction workers make choices so the financial inefficiencies don’t impact or delay various phases of a construction project. Because government officials fully understand how an economy can affect construction projects, they implement strategic procedures to help local companies grow. When there are changes that impact an economy, businesses that specialize in economic reports strategically compile the information so the construction workers can use the data during construction development projects. These reports are very valuable because they help construction crews design investment strategies for equipment and tactics during major construction situations.

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Practical Equipment Investment Strategies

Construction projects that involve many objectives can be challenging if a crew doesn’t have access to specific tools that are designed for certain tasks. During these situations, a construction manager must decide whether or not a project will be profitable. When a manager gets construction equipment in order to serve customers in a struggling economy, the process of growing the business will be very challenging. Also, if government officials or businesses don’t build buildings and structures in local neighborhoods and districts, a typical construction company will have to deal with major financial  problems if the construction equipment was processed after getting a loan. Economic reports make development tasks easily for managers because they can pick specific neighborhoods where a business can effectively generate profits on a regular basis.

Tactics for Major Construction Situations

When construction workers begin a major project, they use many tools and a lot of gas in order to successfully tackle various building and renovation tasks. Because the economy can impact a construction project, a construction business manager must always gather information about trends in a neighborhoods where construction procedures will be implemented before structuring a deal with a local company that requires building or renovation services. This strategy helps construction crews avoid financial problems that can lead to delays during a construction project. If an economy is stable, a typical crew can complete a construction project in a local neighborhood in a timely manner.

Because Chinese economic statistics and reports for districts in United States are available, a construction company crew can easily develop practical strategies before tackling a project. Organizations that provide economic information are dependable, so a growing construction business can use the reports confidently.

Over 100 Android Apps on Google Play Found to Be Infected With Windows Malware



  • 132 apps were found infected with malware
  • The security firm traced the infected apps to a common location
  • Malware were downloaded from domains that have been disabled

Android has been known to suffer malware attacks from time to time. Just recently in December, it was reported that a malware called ‘Gooligan’ breached accounts of more than a million users. Now, a bizarre new type of malware has been detected in around 132 apps in Google Play that had the ability to affect Windows users, according to a security firm.

Palo Alto Networks discovered the malware-ridden apps and reported them to Google to have them removed from Google Play. The Internet security team in a blog post said that the apps, which were developed by several different people, managed to hide HTML-based iframe tags. The iframe tags, which are generally used to embed external elements in a webpage, like a YouTube video, was also loading elements from malicious domains. In one case, an app didn’t use iframe but Microsoft’s Visual Basic language to load malicious code into the app.

In the report, Palo Alto Networks traces the infected apps to a common geographical location even though the developers are unrelated. Most of the apps are said to originate from Indonesia, since the country’s name was attached to the names of the apps.Over 100 Android Apps on Google Play Found to Be Infected With Windows Malware

“One common way HTML files have been infected with malicious iframes has been through file infecting viruses like Ramnit. After infecting a Windows host, these viruses search the hard drive for HTML files and append iframes to each document. If a developer was infected with one of these viruses, their app’s HTML files could be infected,” the report notes.

The reports goes on to suggest that the malicious nature of the apps was not intentional and that the developers simply did not realise that their apps’ HTML files were infected when uploading their apps to Google Play. Furthermore, the purpose of the malware was to load interstitial ads and the main malicious applications, elaborates Ars Technica.

These Windows-specific malware were downloaded from domains that have long since been disabled. So while the apps themselves aren’t a threat on Android devices, it still raises concerns on Google’s app screening process, and why it failed to identify the infected apps.

Amazon Family, Baby Wish List Programmes for New Parents Launched in India


Amazon India on Friday announced an expansion of its Prime subscription’s benefits, with the introduction of Amazon Family global programme in India. The company claims it will help Amazon Prime members find what they are looking for at the best price, while also guiding them through the trials of new parenthood. Also unveiled was the Amazon Baby Wish List, for all customers.

With Amazon Family, Prime members will get exclusive discount coupons pm daily household items, baby products, toys, personal care products, groceries, and more. The company chooses to highlight 15 percent discount on diaper subscriptions from leading brands. Amazon Family members can also get personalised recommendations based on their child’s age. It has a dedicated storefront.

On the other hand, Amazon Baby Wish List is open to all customers, and is said to help expecting and new parents create a list of items they’ll need for their baby. The Baby Wish List store has curated and recommended checklists and buying guides that could be used by the new parents to make an informed decision on the required products for their little one, the company says, adding that parents can create lists from products across relevant categories such as baby care, toys, strollers, cribs baby apparel, maternity wear, among others.Amazon Family, Baby Wish List Programmes for New Parents Launched in India

The company adds that the Amazon Baby Wish List provides savings thanks to a 10 percent Amazon Pay Balance cashback if customers shop for products above Rs. 5,000 from their Baby Wish List. Prime members will get an additional benefit of 15 percent cashback. The company notes that both Amazon Family and Baby Wish List come with guides that help navigating new parenthood.

Commenting on the launch, Saurabh Srivastava, Director, Category Management, Amazon India said “We are constantly trying to improve our shopping experience and work backwards from customer needs. With the launch of Amazon Family and Baby Wish List, we want to cater to the new and expecting parents. Customers are going to be delighted by the convenience and ease of access to such a vast selection of baby products, apart from the hassle free shopping experience. We have curated the store with the best products across well-known brands to help expand selection for customers.”


Oxford Uni boffins say internet filters probably won’t protect teens


Researchers from the University of Oxford have suggested that, instead of rolling out internet filters, those who are concerned about what teenagers encounter online should spend some time helping their parents parent them.

The research paper, “Internet Filtering Technology and Aversive Online Experiences in Adolescents”, was published today in The Journal of Pediatrics, and says the effectiveness of internet filters is “dubious”. It goes on to suggest that resources would be better spent trying to develop the resilience of teenagers to such experiences.

Its lead author, Dr Andrew Przybylski from the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), said: “Parents may feel reassured knowing they have internet filters in their home, but our results suggests that such filters do not safeguard against young people seeing things that may frighten or upset them.

“We strongly believe that there is a need for more evidence to provide guidance on keeping young people safe online so policymakers, parents and those concerned with educating young people can support them in an appropriate way. The data suggests that future research needs to look carefully at the long-term value of filters and see whether they protect young people at a wider range of ages.”

According to the university, researchers from the OII analysed Ofcom data from 1,030 interviews in the homes of 515 teenagers aged 12 to 15 years across the UK. There was broadly an equal number of boys and girls in the sample, and their parents were also interviewed about whether they had used technical tools to control or manage their child’s access to online content.

Maybe goatse isn’t as big a deal these days?

Less than one in six (or 14 per cent) of the teenagers interviewed reported they had had at least one negative experience online in the past year that they would class as significant, and only eight per cent said they had been contacted by someone online whom they did not know who wanted to be their friend.

While around 4 per cent said they had encountered another person pretending to be them online, only half as many saw something of a sexual nature that made them uncomfortable, suggesting that goatse isn’t as big a deal these days. That only 3 per cent reported seeing or receiving a scary video or comment that made them feel scared suggests to The Register that the demographic doesn’t spend much time reading the news about the government’s plans to protect young people online.

Only a third of the parents questioned said they used content filters at home, with a quarter of the remaining breeders not knowing what content-filtering was.

The researchers’ findings suggested that not only did internet filtering fail to mitigate the risk of young people having unpleasant online experiences, but also that technical ability to bypass these filters had no observed effect on the likelihood of such experiences. The paper reports the findings as unexpected as they don’t support the presumption that internet filters in the home effectively protect teenagers.

Accidental censorship

While most major ISPs in the UK now add filters to new household connections as a matter of course, these are often costly to develop and maintain, and can accidentally block legitimate content.

The researchers say their main concern is that such filters may “over-block” searches for information about issues that are important for teenagers, such as alcohol, drugs, sexual relationships, health and identity, and may even have a “disproportionate” effect on vulnerable groups such as LGBTQ teens. Filters could even lead to “chilling effects” whereby young people preempt filtered results by self-censoring what they view.

Among the other effects of this unintended desire to stop teenagers web-searching for “big boobs” are the British government’s proposals to force websites serving up adult content to verify users’ ages, which has been criticised as an “unworkable proposal” by digital rights advocacy bods Open Rights Group.

Jim Killock, executive director of the Open Rights Group told The Register: “It is unlikely that proposals in the Digital Economy Bill to make porn sites verify the age of their users will prevent tech savvy teenagers from seeing pornography should they want to.

“The Bill is in such a mess, there will now be three separate statutory instruments – to be written at some point in the future – in an attempt to patch it up,” added Killock. “Parents and schools should focus on talking to children, listening to their concerns and educating them to use the web safely.”

Co-author Dr Victoria Nash, OII’s deputy director and policy and research fellow, added: “Given the risks of preventing access to legitimate information associated with internet filtering, our children and teenagers deserve to know that we have clear evidence for whether they are effectively before asking them to accept such restrictions.” ®


Thrifty Duchess Kate picks up period fashion treasures from Downton Abbey’s favourite antiques market


The Duchess of Cambridge has been picking up stunning fashion accessories from the same antiques store used to kit out the cast of Downton Abbey! At the recent royal Garden Party, the 35-year-old accessorised her look with a clutch bag purchased from Alfies Antique Market in Marylebone, London. The royal picked out her purchase from Tin Tin Collectables, a dealer at Alfies who sell their beautiful vintage items to film and TV shows, including Downton AbbeySuffragette and Cinderella. The pretty tan design was adorned in a multi-coloured pattern and contrasted beautifully with her outfit. It is no suprise that Kate chose to shop second hand either, nor that she is a fan of antiques markets. The down-to-earth royal regularly shops at high-street stores like Zara and L.K. Bennett, and often recycles her outfits and accessories at public events.


Kate accessorised her outfit with a patterned clutch from an antiques market in London

At the garden party, the Duchess looked fabulous in a Christopher Kane coatdress and a ‘Sweet Delight’ hat by Lock & Co. The striking turquoise design cinched in at the waist to enhance her slim figure and was teamed with a pair of leg-lengthening tan heels. We first saw the silk-satin dress – sans hat and with sparkling dangle hoop earrings for an evening look – in July 2012 at a Palace reception for the Olympics opening ceremony. Giving the piece another outing, the royal wore a near replica of her 2017 daytime styling, from hat to nude shoes, to an Order of the Garter ceremony at Windsor in 2014.

On Monday Kate made another sensational fashion statement when she attended the opening of Royal Ascot in a summer-ready white lace McQueen dress. The beautiful calf-length design – a bespoke number by the British fashion designer – features a high neckline and a ribbon-style waistband.


Kate looked stunning in white lace at the opening of Royal Ascot 

And it appears that Kate’s style has influenced another member of the royal family – Autumn Phillips. The stepped out on the second day of the annual race event in a striking embroidery print dress by British brand Rumour London which featured a pretty two-tier pleated skirt in hues of royal blue and cream and scalloped edges.

And while Autumn certainly ensured that all eyes were on her, on close inspection, it was evident that the 39-year-old’s outfit bore a striking resemblance to the Duchess of Cambridge’s McQueen dress worn during the Royal Tour in Canada back in 2016. On the second day of the tour, Kate looked stunning in the custom-made design, which also featured a pleated two-tier skirt, white cuffs and an almost identical pattern – just this time in pink.



A major mobile phone network was still down in the centre of Aberdeen today.

EE encountered service problems in Aberdeen yesterday, in the AB10 1AB postcode, and the issue has continued overnight and into today.Image result for ENGINEER ON SITE AS MOBILE NETWORK PROBLEMS PERSIST IN ABERDEEN

An engineer for the firm was today on site looking to fix the problem.

A spokesman for EE said: “We are aware of a network issue impacting some customers in the Aberdeen area, and our engineer is on site this morning working to restore full service as quickly as possible.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”