Facts About Wafer Dicing

When people talk about silicon wafer dicing, they are usually talking about wafers that are used in commercial or consumer electronic devices such as computers and other devices. BY undergoing this process the wafer is separated from the die by any one of three processes. The first process is to scribe the die and then break it off from the wafer. The second process involves using a saw to actually mechanically cut it off from the wafer and the third process uses a laser to actually cut the die away from the wafer. All three of these processes are well-regarded as far as wafer cutting goes.

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To mount the wafers during the dicing process, a special tool called dicing tape is used to help ensure that the wafer does not fall out of place. The tape is double-sided and holds the wafer on a thin metal frame. Depending on the particular dicing application, the tape will have different properties to aid in function. When the die is smaller, UV tape is used while non-UV tapes are used for those instances when the die is of a larger size.

After the wafers are cut into smaller pieces, they will either be packaged in appropriate packaging or they will be placed directly onto circuit boards so that they may be used right away. Since wafers are made from silicon, it is very easy for them to be recycled and reused, there is very little waste when it comes to scrap silicon wafer pieces.

As you can see, there are a great number of uses when it comes to silicon wafer dicing. BY properly processing them into the correct sizing, they will provide plenty of use in whatever electronic devices they are used in. Silicon is the substance of the future.

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