Industrial blenders and mixers can be filled in any number of ways.

Industrial blenders and mixers can be filled in any number of ways. Smaller blenders can be filled easily with a product with little hassle, but larger blenders require a little extra work. If you’re lucky enough to have your industrial blending machines in a two-story building, you might be able to pour the product into the machines from the second floor. Other blenders in one-story factory buildings might be filled using a lifting mechanism. As useful as this can be, the most efficient method of working with large blenders is by using mezzanines.


A mezzanine is an elevated platform that can provide enough height to efficiently fill and operate an industrial blender. The simplest mezzanines are not much more than a platform with a place to pour the product into a blender, but the more sophisticated models might have features such as magnets, bulk bag dumping rails, pneumatic lifting systems, and dust collection systems. In other words, they can have everything that will make your blending and mixing job that much easier.

While it’s true that the most sophisticated blending mezzanines can be costly, they can still save your company money in the long run. You may be spending a lot of money on a particular mezzanine for your ribbon mixer, but simply having that mezzanine will allow you to blend more product and increase your productivity. This of course will save you and your employees a lot of time and money. Even having a simpler mezzanine that isn’t much more sophisticated than a raised platform will make it much easier to blend practically any amount of product that much faster.


Blending mezzanines can be built specifically for a blender or a facility, or you can purchase some all-purpose mezzanines that will work in any situation. No matter what your blending needs may be, a set of blending mezzanines will almost always make your job easier.

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