Top Lawyers See Litigation as a Team Effort Today

The days of the old trial lawyer are heading out the door. In the movies and on television shows, lawyers look like solo teams. Smart guys show up in suits and win money on behalf of their clients without breaking a sweat. In reality, litigation looks very little like this. The best litigators today are beginning to understand that big trials are only won by lawyers who understand how to leverage the tools around them. If they’re going to win, it will be because they had a solid team at their side to convince the jury of the efficacy of their arguments.

Many lawyers are choosing a litigation support specialist to help handle all the details of litigation that can mean so much. Litigation is all about putting in the proper research, winning at discovery and making sure that the little things are done properly. Big trials can be so time-consuming that it’s almost impossible for a single lawyer to do everything on his plate. While some lawyers choose to partner with other firms to bring their resources together, smart lawyers choose consulting firms when they get overloaded. Having a specialist handle the important details can turn a losing trial into a winner.

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Consultants help to bring the best expert witnesses into play for solid litigators. Experts are critical no matter what the subject matter is at trial. Whether it’s a complex financial case or a car wreck, a good expert can explain some critical topic to the jury in a way that’s convincing and credible. Big trials are often just a battle of the experts, with the most prepared party walking away with a big judgment. It’s a mistake to show up to this kind of gun fight without a big gun of your own.

Litigation can be an all-out war for lawyers and their clients today. Many choose to settle their cases so they don’t have to worry about all the details and difficulty. Many more make the hard choice to fight in trial. The ones that win often have the help of a solid consulting firm on their side, giving them critical litigation support so that lawyers can focus on honing their arguments. It’s the new era in legal representation, where smart lawyers are understanding that it makes no sense to go to war as a one-man army.

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