Labor and Space Concerns With Cardboard Recycling

There is a real push to help the environment through recycling within the business community. Paper products are no exception. Cardboard can easily be recycled and helps reduce landfill use and makes a positive impact on the cost. Finding the available space and time needed to do this the right way can be difficult without the proper equipment.

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Reducing Business Waste

There are some businesses that naturally produce more cardboard waste than others. Items often get sent in bulk using cardboard boxes. Once these are emptied, the natural place to put them is in the trash. Add vendor boxes to the mix and your waste receptacle can be filled within two or three days. The sensible solution is to bale the cardboard and send it in to a recycling center.

When Hand Baling Is Impractical

It is possible to try and neatly stack empty cardboard boxes and hand bale them with twine, but this can consume valuable employee time. The area can easily become cluttered when the stacks fall or get moved around. This is an option that might work for a small business, but medium size and larger companies are dealing with too much cardboard waste to handle it all by hand. The need for better baling solutions and organizational methods is critical.

Ease of Operation With Cardboard Balers

Commercial cardboard balers are easy enough for nearly any employee to be trained in the efficient operation and care of the equipment. All of the cardboard, baled or not, can stay in the same general vicinity. Balers can handle a remarkable amount of cardboard, since it works to compress the final amount into a tight bale. This means that the room needed for cardboard recycling can be much less than attempts to do this process by hand.

Backroom Organization Made Simple

It is imperative to keep areas of backrooms neat and orderly to avoid fire hazards and trip-and-fall injuries. Organizing bales of cardboard for recycling that are compressed in a baler is a sensible way to reduce the clutter. This will leave you more room to store inventory, cleaning supplies and equipment.

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