Numerous Positive Effects of Clen

Clenbuterol or Clen is widely recognized as a powerful thermogenic that increases your body’s internal temperature. Additionally, it makes your BMR rise. When the upsurge of metabolism your body can use the stored fat for surplus energy needs. It was originally used to cure lung illnesses like asthma in horses. Soon athletes came to know about this medicine and they highly use it for promoting tighter muscles and shedding weight. The bodybuilders and athletes shred their body fat which leftthem with ultra-lean muscle and a ripped physique. This supplement also increases oxygen flow, allowing your cardiovascular performance to enhance besides charging up your muscles for the more intense workout.

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Dosage guideline

Prior to using this supplement for its ultimate effects, it is important to learn about the appropriate dosage. For the beginners, it is good, to begin with 20mcg or 40mcg each day. Men can normally start with 40 mcg whereas for women 20 mcg would be the most appropriate dosage as that would give their body time to get familiarized with this pill. However, as you get accustomed to the medicine you can raise the dosage and can even add other steroids to your cycle. The dosage and cycle entirely depend on the need of your goal. The highest Clenbuterol dose for men will be 140mcg daily but for women, it will be 100 mcg each day.

Taking more than the recommended dosage can cause tremors and other destructive side effects. Exceeding the 100mcg mark may invite possible cardiac hypertrophy for women. In other words with long-term use, it may enlarge the ventricles that produce a lot of strain and stress on the heart. Moreover, crossing the limit of 200mcg is never advisable as you would never want yourself to get trapped with severe health problems. The best time to take this medicine is during the daytime or just before your workout. If you take it later in the day then you may suffer from sleep difficulties.

Helping sportsmen

Clen is a favorite weight loss drug used by sportsmen all over the world. The bodybuilders and athletes are fond of it for plentiful of reasons. The two main reasons are:

  • Fast weight loss – Numerous athletes follow on and off seasons and catch themselves over the needed weight when the time comes to train for the upcoming season. This supplement causes fast and considerate weight loss that is perfect for these situations. They need not diet when they use this weight loss drug. Its effective effects make powerful weight loss because it significantly intensifies the metabolism rate. It causes their body to rapidly burn fast with the help of fat and protein adding additional protein to their diet than normal.
  • Jump Start Performance – This supplement in sports is also popular because it increases overall strength as every athlete benefits from an increase in muscle strength. It affects their endurance enabling them to cover that extra mile without wearing down easily. When they take this medicine they take it for maximum four to six weeks prior to taking a break.

There are different cycles of this medicine to choose from. Choose your own cycle but it is better to start with a small dose and it is equally important not to cross the highest Clenbuterol dose.

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