Must-Have Gadgets for 2017

It doesn’t matter if you are in your office, at home, or on the go, new tech gadgets can give you time-saving advantages for your day while they can also make life just a bit easier. Check out a few of these great finds that include storage devices, speakers, and more. We have taken some time to highlight some of the hottest new gadgets for the coming year. You might want to add more than one of these to your collection. There is something here for everyone!

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Don’t you just love flash drives? They make it easy to take information with you where ever you go. Store games, books, music, video, files, and more on these bad boys and you will be able to access them whether or not you have a connection to the internet. A SecureUSB gives you the portable storage that you want with the security you need. It offers military grade encryption as well as physical security in the form of a keypad on the body of the drive that you use to enter your personalized PIN to unlock the drive. No more worries about your information being stolen or compromised.

SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit

This kit is brought to you by Samsung and is meant to be a home monitoring system. It comes with the SmartThings hub as well as a pair of sensors that you will be able to use to monitor your windows, doors, and more. It also has a power outlet that is meant to allow you to control your lights and a motion sensor. In other words, everything that you will need to secure, control, and monitor your home has been brought together in a single, easy to use kit.

Modular Smart Phone

This phone will be made by Google and right now it is called Project Ara. This phone will be easy on the eyes and thinner. It is said to have 6 different modules that include a spare battery, a camera, and a speaker. These modules will be interconnected so that you will get the most use of them. The goal here wasn’t to create a smart phone just so that you would have the ability to swap out the modules on the go, but to make it something that is scalable and to make the life of the phone longer.

Amazon Tap

This is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that is Alexa enabled. If you tap the button with the microphone on it, you will be able to access music from TuneIn, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Spotify, and Prime Music simply by requesting it. When you have the device connected to Wi – Fi or to any mobile hotspot, you can use the Alexa voice service to play your music, provide weather reports, read the news, or even to order you a pizza! The sound is delivered by Dolby and Tap has 2 stereo speakers that give you 360° omnidirectional audio while giving you playback for as much as 9 hours.

Folding Smart Phone

We all know that Samsung has been talking about making one like this for quite some time. However, 2017 might actually be the year that we get to finally see one. Samsung recently filed for a patent for a smart phone that folds. This is just adding fuel to the speculation that it will soon be forthcoming from the tech giant.


Innov8 uses Ignition Boost Technology and is the first USB-C powered external storage solution of 8 Terabytes on the market. Simply connect it to your laptop or computer and you will be good to go. This device is easily moved and can be put into position wherever you might have need of it. It can store as much as 800 HD movies, 4 million photos, or 2 million songs.


This is the smartest Bluetooth earbuds that are equipped with a microphone system that is in ear. The earbuds can capture your voice from in your ear and reduce the ambient noise by around 30 decibels. This makes it possible to be heard and to hear even when you are in the loudest of environments. They will also allow for you to listen to your music from any of your Bluetooth devices that they are connected to.

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