Winstrol is a drug which is used for enhancing the performance. This is generally used by skilled athletes and is known with its chemical name as Stanozolol. This drug helps a person to develop lean muscle and develop power but does not make one look bulk. It keeps the body fat percentage low. Many body builders need to take Winstrol stack with Dbol.


Winstrol Stack

Generally bodybuilders are benefitted with the usage of Winstrol in part of stack, as it helps them in cutting. The stack may include anadrol or dianabol which acts as bulking steroid. This can be even more versatile and one need to include testosterone supplement too. One can add any other supplement, keeping the dosage in view. Winstrol can be added in regular cycle at the end, so that they develop lean mass. Athletes who are performing will be benefited with the use of Winstrol Stack. This drug winstrol was used for treating bone and blood diseases. Winstrol is an highly androgenic steroid which is milder. This androgen helps in increasing the nitrogen uptake for the muscles and helps in protein synthesis. The androgen rate also helps in fat deposits. But this Winstrol does not bind with estrogen  but binds with progesterone. When winstrol binds with estrogen there will be water retention in body. But when this drug is taken with proper diet lean muscle is obtained.  When this drug is taken in less dose, female athletes are benefits. While using this steroid males found the most common side effect and that is increase in body hair, while women found body hair and baldness. The menstrual cycle is also disturbed which is because of hormone imbalance. When excess of this drug is taken it damages liver. The alkyl molecules which are available are hard to liver and causes damage.

Cycle, Stacking with Steroids

Winstrol must be stacked with testosterone as the testosterone production is at risk as it may be stopped with the use of winstorl. It can be stacked with pure testosterone, bio-identical tesoterone or Sustanon. Winstrol can be stacked with any other steroid depending on the goals and the strengths of steroid. Primobolan cab be stacked with winstrol, and many athletes prefer this as it does not have alkyl structure, so it is less toxic. This also helps in building lean muscle and Primobolan prevents muscle loss. When winstrol is stacked with Primobolan the performance is double and is best for cutting specially for bodybuilders. When winstrol is stacked with Anavar it helps in lean physique in cutting phase.

Risks with Stacking

But stacking of two oral steroids must be avoided as it may damage the liver. Few athletes add Equipose with Winstrol. It helps in gaining strength as well as mass. There are risks of stacking the Winstrol where more than one steroid is used.  Depending on the goals, one must decide and check which steroid can be stacked with winstrol. Whatever may be the goal, one must make sure to stack winstrol with testosterone atleast in minimum quantity. The most common steroid which is stacked with winstrol is Trenbolone.

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