There are close to 200,000 slot machines in Australia

It appears that Australians consume more pokies than everybody else in the world. Statistics say that the country has over 200,000 slot machines. The same report says that Australia has over 20 % of the globe’s gambling machines of which slots machines are part of. So whether you’re looking to play All Slots online pokies for a short or long term period, what you are about to read will somewhat shape your decisions.

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These are the pure facts

(a)People who have ever won the highest jackpot in an Australian pub received $10,000. But chances are that you can make more in the long term period if you opt to play All Slots online pokies.

(b)Pokies are compensated with 90.89% payout on average. That’s a fair way to split your profits with an online casino.

(c)Finally, there are 38.6% adults in Australia who can’t live without pokies. That’s a significant number of the adult population by the way. It just shows the love that people have for pokies and similar casino games.


What you should know

One of the things you should know is that all slot machine games have a payout percentage that is less than 100%. Because of this, playing requires some level of skill or knowledge in order to make consistent wins.

Some players will always be short term winners. Others will prefer to play progressively until they can hit the jackpot. They might opt to leave it there or continue playing. But this is easier said than done. Do you think someone can hit the jackpot at All Slots online casino and then quit never to return again? It is not logical due to the addictive nature of these games– so we think.

Another thing worth noting is that each spin at the slot machine is different, and is not influenced by the previous spin. You need to take the same shot in order to win the jackpot or some other prize.

What this means is that even if you lose now, you might be luckier next time when you hit the sweet spot which makes you the cash. You should not lose consistently if you have a working strategy. Yet there is no one magic bullet to winning every time you take a spin.


Word about All Slots online pokies casino

They are famous for operating different kinds of pokies. The casino house operates several slots machines where you can choose a game that most suits your taste.

Again, for every deposit that you make, you are eligible to receive a bonus (if you claim it). Bonuses are good because they expand your spinning potential. The more you have disposable cash, the more you increase your probability of nailing it.

So, why all the negativity about online gambling

The reason why haters think gambling pokies is all about losing is because they don’t have a clear understanding of how things work in this side of the world. Like we said, it takes experience and strategy to become a winning gambler. Otherwise, if playing slot machines was so risky, people wouldn’t make it their full-time career.

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