The Small Room Lighting Dilemma: Solved

Sometimes it can be a real chore getting light into some of the smaller rooms in our houses, and sometimes, only natural light will do. To solve the woes of those with small rooms, this post takes a look at what can be done to make them brighter and happier places to spend time. Investing in some lamps is the easy option, check out these tips.


Light Coloured Décor

You don’t have to go and repaint all your walls in magnolia, so no need to fret. White may seems like a boring option, but if it’s the appearance of light and space you want, it’s the best option. It doesn’t need to be boring at all, in fact. White walls, being so plain lend themselves to displaying pictures, mirrors and artwork, or even wall stickers if you’re feeling adventurous. Darker and richer colours don’t reflect light as well, making a room seem dark and small, whereas white paint reflects much better and gives the handy illusion of space.

Adding in Ceiling Windows & Skylights

If you’re at the end of your tether with a dark room and you have the means, putting in another window is a really good way to tackle the lighting problem head-on. With extensions or upper floor rooms that have slanted roofs, skylights and ceiling windows make both a dramatic design impact and let so much more light in. You can even get electric opening windows for your ceilings from places like Rocburn to save you getting the step ladder out each time.

Mirrors& Reflective Accessories

We all know this old trick, but it really works! A well placed mirror can make a room seem like it has an extra window – especially when it’s sparkling clean. Maximise the light you do get in the small room by using mirrors to reflect and duplicate it. It’s a no-brainer really. Plus, it means you can get creative choosing a mirror and accessorising. You don’t have to turn your little room into a fairground hall of mirrors to see the immediate effect just one well-placed and decent sized mirror can have. If you go for glossy finishes on cupboards or surfaces too, it can also have a light boosting effect.

Finally: Ready, Set, Declutter!

So what’s tidying up got to do with having a brighter room? Well, clutter in itself can make a room feel more cramped and unpleasant to be in. Clutter, combined with the general everyday build-up of dust is the enemy of a bright and happy space. Get rid of that clutter, whip the curtains open and let the light in.

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