Supplements to improve your memory power

Forgetfulness and absent mindedness are quite common that are indeed harmless but you can do much better when you have sharp memory skills. Cognitive skill and memory capacity varies from one person to another where one person may have sharp memory while the other experiences forgetfulness. Despite this difference with a little effort from our end we can improve our acquired memory skills.

There are certain activities like brain games like puzzles; or certain techniques that help us to remember better. One can also improve memory by using oral supplements for the brain known as nootropics. There are various kinds of nootropics supplements that are taken for various reasons like improving memory, relieving from stress and anxiety; for treating insomnia and depression; self motivation, weight loss, post work out help on the body, body building and many more. L-arginine can improve erectile function.


Neurotransmission and memory

Oral L-arginine supplements are not just for body builders as their uses are plenty. This particular amino acid is a physiological precursor of NO or nitric oxide which is a neurotransmitter and a very unstable compound that needs to be produced continuously by the cells to carry out the function as neurotransmitter.

NO as a neurotransmitter is different from other neurotransmitters like the amino acid glutamate that only binds to receptors in the postsynaptic cells and NO is the only transmitter that crosses cell membranes freely. The main function of NO in the hypothalamus is that related to learning processes and memory formation. Thus when you are taking the oral L-arginine amino acid supplement you are increasing the amount of NO in the cells that has a very short life and hence indirectly improving your memory and learning processes and skills.

L-arginine is a popular supplement with many benefits

The function of L-arginine is not just as the precursor of NO but serves other purposes as well where for instance it is used to increase sperm counts and hence used in treating male infertility. It has an active role in healing wounds and helps in metabolizing stored fat and hence an active weight loss component. It is popular in the field of body building as it tones the muscle tissue.

The role of NO as a neurotransmitter must be understood to know its significance in improving one’s memory and learning capabilities. All the neurotransmitters with the exception of NO transfer information or signals only from a presynaptic to a postsynaptic neuron. However; nitric oxide is different as it can diffuse into any cells even those not connected by a synapse making it a different kind of neurotransmitter. Because No has a short life, its actions are limited to certain area and replenishing NO regularly can happen when your body receives enough L-arginine which is the precursor to NO. NO-cGMP cascade is known to be involved in memory and learning as well.

We cannot do anything about our innate memory other than sharpening our acquired memory but by using the right kind of brain food and supplements we can definitely make a difference where the innate memory is also affected.


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