Make your home network safer and smarter with the Bitdefender BOX

Bitdefender Antivirus, a firm that is popular for its antivirus line, has also launched a product that provides security for home networks.It is a security appliance that scans the network traffic and once they are detected, it blocks any and all security threats. It is a small, portable device that is very easy to carry and install.

The Bitdefender BOX is a hardware security tool and comes as a mixture of network firewall, threat & intrusion prevention system and a router. It can be placed in front or behind an existing router so that it can detect all the intrusions and threats in the system. It has the feature of itself acting as a router.

The device consists of:

  • 400 MHz MIPS microprocessor
  • 64 MB DDR2 RAM
  • two 10/100 Ethernet ports
  • 16 MB Flash memory

Even when placed besides a router, the performance and efficiency of the Bitdefender BOX is not affected as it doesn’t conduct deep packet inspections. It is responsible for scanning only the parts that are essential in the data packets. These data packets flow in and out, and from these a malicious pattern is detected. When it is being used solely as a router, it provides a security layer and attacks the malicious pattern.

The price of the Bitdefender Box is $199. This cost includes both the cost of the hardware as well as a one year subscription. These days, systems getting corrupted by the malware infections are a common trend, and this leads to huge loss of data and valuable information. Hence it is very important to have control on the infected systems so that the security threats and breaches can be minimal. The Bitdefender BOX works in a similar way for the home networks as well.

BOX Secures the Smart Home

At our home, it is a usual practice to install Bitdefender products our laptops, pcs and even on mobiles and other hand held devices. But there are other devices as well like your smart TVs, IP cameras, storage devices that are network attached. Hence, there are many devices in your home that rely on the internet for their functionality. Many of these devices store information that is private in nature and you would not want anyone to have access to it. Apart from this, some devices also contain applications that are web based; hence they become an easy target for potential security breaches or attacks. With the Bitdefender BOX you don’t have to purchase antivirus packages individually for each device.

Bitdefender BOX can detect and block malicious URLs, malicious downloads that can cause potential threats to the system and jam the network traffic. Bitdefender Box is also compatible with Android, Mac and Windows and scans the traffic to detect any threats and attempted breaches of information. If you take the device out of the reach of the home network then a Virtual Private network is established with the BOX thereby making it very easy to analyze and detect any threats lurking in the internet traffic.

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