A Place for Everything- Wardrobes and Bookshelves

Make your bedroom an organised place where you will love spending time by making sure there is enough space for everything you need! MyGubbi offers you storage solutions that suit all your needs with modular wardrobes, and innovative bookshelves which are not only roomy and utilitarian, but also attractive and eye-catching. Choose from the stellar options available here to make your bedroom a special space.



  • Optimum space utilisation:

The number and types of partitions you choose for your wardrobe depends on the age of the person who needs to use it, as well as his or her dressing style. If you like elegant dresses, gorgeous sarees and lehangas, or elegant suits and blazers choose a design which gives you space to hang your special clothes up. Drawers for socks and underwear, and shelves for trousers and casual wear will make sure you always have everything you need on hand. When planning a space for the kids’ room, incorporate lots of drawers so that all those little t- shirts, slacks and skirts can be folded and put away neatly.


  • A lofty idea

Every household has a load of stuff that needs to be stored to be used, maybe once a year and cannot be thrown away. Make sure your wardrobes are fitted with lofts to accommodate empty suitcases, winter clothing, the car- seat your older child has grown out of and your younger child is not old enough for, and so much more. Roomy lofts are the secret to an uncluttered house, and even the most devoted hoarder will be able to indulge in his or her penchant for holding on to old stuff, as long as they have enough lofts!


  • An attractive accessory

The panels colour and finish you choose for your wardrobe design, defines the theme of your room. Subtle and classy, or bright and catchy, express your style with the panels you choose for your bedroom wardrobes!


  • Indulge in your love of reading

Apartment living, cramped spaces and a busy style have made it near impossible to dedicate a room in your house to a study. In most households, the guest bedroom doubles as a study, and more often than not you pass up on the desire to read because going and picking a book out of a crowded shelf at the end of the day is just too much trouble. Make reading easy by selecting from a range of stylish bookshelves, whether free standing or wall mounted, to be placed in your bedroom. Minimalistic designs which give you storage space without intruding into the room, or elegant pieces which also serve as stands for knick- knacks and timeless pictures, there are bookshelves to suit every need on MyGubbi.

Make a statement of style by choosing from the wide range of wardrobes and bookshelves available on MyGubbi. The website brings stylish, innovative, durable and affordable furniture within your reach from the comfort of your home. Just buy a wardrobe online, and the furniture of your choice will be delivered to your doorstep without any hassles!

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