There once was a time when a war would start over whose turn it was to pay the month’s bills, but not anymore! Thankfully, all the hassle and frazzle associated with bill payments has been taken away with the advent of bill payment portals. If you still bother with going to the respective utility outlets to pay your bills, then read on to find out why you no longer need to!

  • Save time & energy

One of the biggest reasons why online payments hold such appeal is the time and energy it saves the user. You no longer have to write checks, check store timings, manually go, and stand in long queues to pay your bills. Be it your electricity bill, or your gas bill, all you need to do is make an account on websites such as paytm, and with only a few clicks, pay your bills! It’s as easy as that!

  • Monetary benefits

One added advantage that might pique your interest is the discounts you get on making online payments. There are various paytm offers that can regularly save you a lot of money as you use your credit or debit card to pay bills online. Now, you can save money even as you spend it! You can also use net banking to make these payments.

  • One place, all bills

Have you ever had to roam from one corner to another to pay different bills on a hot summer’s day? Then you may well profit from online bill payment as you can pay ALL your bills from the comfort of your couch, while you flip through your favourite magazine. You can recharge your phone and pay the house bills under one virtual roof of the website or app. Furthermore, you needn’t worry whether your service provider will accept online payments or not; most of them are affiliated to online bill payment portals as they too understand the convenience and various advantages of paying bills online.

  • Anytime, anywhere

Just got a reminder on your TV that the recharge is due? Or ran out of mobile phone balance while at work? Not a problem; you can simply login to your online account using your laptop, desktop, tab, or Smartphone and recharge your mobile instantly! Be it day or night, your home or the middle of a crowded lift, you can pay the bills from anywhere, 24×7!

  • Instant receipts

Sometimes, our account at the utility service does not reflect the bill payment done. The process of getting it acknowledged can be long and tiresome with you needing to make the rounds of the service provider’s outlet with the payment related receipts. However, when you pay your bill online, the transaction gets recognized instantly and you receive the notifications in your inbox right away.

With our hectic lifestyle getting the better of us most of the times, this is one area of our daily life that we can handle well with the help of online payments portals.

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