“Mac is running slow”- How to fix it?

After a few years of working with your Mac, you might experience a noticeable toll on it. Not only Mac, but all the computers show a noticeable toll after few years of usage and then it will not perform well as it used to. But, luckily we have some tips and tricks to make Mac run faster. So, if a Mac is running slow, then you landed on the right page because today, here we will brief you all about the best software which can help in making your Mac run faster along with the reasons which made it slow down gradually. We all know that no device or computer ever run fast forever and gradually they start slowing down. So, if you have a Mac and its running slow, then it is the right time to act in the right way for boosting its performance and make it run faster again.

Reasons for “Mac is running slow”

  • One of the major reasons why your Mac is running slow is might be that your Mac’s hard drive is getting full. If the hard drive of the Mac has too much on it, then it would probably get slow in performance. By lightening the load, you will experience a boost in the Mac’s performance. So, it is recommended to clean the hard drive, which is not an easy task. So, we have the Mac cleanup tools available out there and the best-recommended one if the Mac Cleaner by Movavi.
  • Other reason your Mac is running slow might be because of the outdated OS X, which is extremely important. If your Mac continues running on older version of OS X, then it will run slow and thus, Apple releases new version ever year. So, it is a good practice to have the updated version of OS X on the Mac and make it run faster again which will give you a nice performance boost.
  • Note: After updating with the latest OS X, still you face the problem of your “Mac is running slow”, then please have patience and keep yourself calm. It might be because of the broken disk permissions, which can be easily repaired.
  • The Startup processes slowing down your Mac and the applications which load in the background during starting up the Mac continues to do so all the time. So, it is recommended to manage the startup items and give it your Mac a clean start. For that, you have to go to the System Preferences>>Users & Groups>>Username>>Login Items>>Name of the application>>’-‘ symbol. Keep few applications which will be better and help you in boosting the Mac’s performance.
  • Sad, but might be true that your Mac features old hardware which makes it run slow and then, you can take few measures to fix it. If you have tried all the above-mentioned tricks, then it’s time to upgrade the hardware, which is little pricey and takes time. But, it definitely helps in boosting the speed and performance of the Mac.

So, these are the major reasons why your Mac is running slow. Now, a question might pop up in your mind that what should be done to make it fast again? Then, we would like to tell you that there are numerous measures to fix the issue, but here we are with the best solution and that is to use a cleanup tool software by Movavi, Mac Cleaner.

Using Movavi Mac Cleaner

Movavi Mac Cleaner is one of the best handy apps for the Mac, which helps in locating as well as removing all the applications and files which are not more in use. It even helps in boosting the performance of your Mac by speeding it up and making its disk space storage free. This app particularly works on the Apple computers including the Mac Mini, iMac, and MacBook Pro as well as compatible with all the OS X versions including Yosemite, Mavericks, etc. So, if your Mac is running slow and you want to fix the issue, then you need to download Movavi Mac Cleaner and follow its easy and simple instructions.


  • Download the Mac Cleaner and click install from its executable file.
  • After the successful installation, click open the Mac Cleaner and it will automatically start checking and scanning your Mac for the cache, junk and unwanted files on hard drive. The moving bar will be displayed with the current state of the scanning report along with the space occupied by the unwanted files.
  • Now, the software will help in improving the Mac’s performance. The first option is AutoClean, which helps in cleaning of the Mac easily and quickly as well as boosts its performance too. This option helps in removing all the unwanted files.
  • Also, click on Gearwheel and choose languages followed by Start cleaning for removing the unwanted app files stored on Mac in other languages.

If you prefer removing the unwanted files manually, then you can choose the preferred options available on the left side from the menus.

So, readers, we hope that now, you all got to know why your Mac is running slow and how yo can make it run faster again. Also, we have the Movavi Mac Cleaner which significantly helps in improving the overall performance of the Mac including the Startup Time and the loading of the processes. It will even help with the automatic checkups which will prevent the Mac from filling with the cache and junk again.

If your Mac is running slow, then don’t waste more time now. Download Mac Cleaner and make it run faster again.

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