Exercising with a Rowing Machine – Every Fitness Enthusiast’s Special Wish

Are you a fitness enthusiast who’s looking out to shed those extra flabs? Well, in that case, exercising with a rowing machine can be an awesome option to reach your much coveted health and fitness goals. Rowing machine workouts can be pretty fun as well, because none of enjoy the same old workout regime involving treadmills and other high intensity workout bars. Most fitness gurus too opine that if you manage to take ample time to learn the various techniques of rowing, here’s absolutely no looking back in your fitness regime.

This long machine will engage your legs, arms and core to come up with a highly intense cardio experience involving your full-body. The best part: Rowing wouldn’t put as much stress on your knees and hip joins as running would. So no matter whatever is your age, size or profession; this exercise can be an awesome option for you. In case you’re getting started with a rowing workout regime for the first time, here are a couple of tips and exercises that you can try at home to shed those extra layers off.

The basics of rowing

While most of us think that rowing simply requires your upper body strength, it ‘actually’ involves your lower body, i.e, your legs. Just like golf games, here too, it is your legs and hips, which ends up doing the maximum job of developing power during a rowing session. The movement itself is quite similar to a weightlifting session that involves your full body.

What kind of setup do you need?

Well, there are certain specifics of a rowing setup that you need to keep in mind. Some of them are listed here.

  • Adjust your straps: While engaging in a rowing regime, you need to particularly ensure that the strap passes through your foot’s ball. So, if you keep your foot a bit too high, you will also end up keeping your legs a little high thereby making it difficult for taking full strokes. Adjust the stretcher of your foot to ensure that the foot straps are adjusted just the way they should be.
  • Check the settings of the damper: The damper settings in rowing exercise involve a small plastic lever that controls the air in the flywheel. So, if you’re a beginner who’s just getting started with rowing, make sure to place the damper anywhere around 6.
  • Check the monitor: If you’ve just started with rowing it’s indeed a good habit to check the monitor from time to time. Always ensure that your bodyweight hits in watts during a rowing regime.

Warming up

Yes. Warming up is extremely necessary before you get started with the actual rowing game. Follow a couple of warm-up exercises for 10-15 minutes right before you start your exercise. This will keep you fit, active and energetic simultaneously.

Exercise #1: HIIT Sprints workout regime

This is an awesome exercise if you’re short of time. Begin with a short 10 min easy row and follow it up with a 30 second sprint and a 30 second rest. Right after this, do a 2 minute session of air squats. Practice the same interval exercise and follow it once again with a 2 minute pushup. Finally go for another 1 minute interval and you’re done.

Exercise #2: Pyramid Row workout regime

This exercise effectively enhances your endurance and power during the exercise regime. Start it with a 10 minute warm up and follow it up with a 1 min workout and a 1 minute rest. Right after that, do a 2 min workout and a 2 min rest. Follow this regime up to 4 minutes, and then go descending.

Exercise #3: Lean frog workout regime

This is a relatively easy workout for beginners. Start it with a warm-up and then follow it with a 1 min sprint and 1 min rest. Go ascending and reach till 4 minutes. Right after that, go descending and reach the old one minute point.

Well, now that you’ve got a complete insight on this workout regime, get started right away and start losing your flabs like never before.

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