Elektra ART.SXC Microcasa Semiautomatica Commercial Espresso Machine Review

It is hard to get the best taste of coffee if you don’t have the right kind of machine at home. Being a coffee lover, if you really like your own taste of coffee then you must know what all types of machines are available in the market and their reviews.


The Good: Are you searching for a semiautomatic commercial machine? if yes, then there are various kinds of machines available in the market to choose depending on your requirement. As you search along for the perfect espresso machine, there is one machine which stands apart from all other type of machines and that espresso machine is from Elektra ART.SXC Microcasa. This machine has been established with some of the amazing features especially designed to provide you the best taste of coffee at an affordable prices. The most significant point of this machine is that the machine looks beautiful and easy to use.

Also the model is not having any bakelite handle on the portafilter wooden handle. Also there are brass eagle located on dome which is having wings up. In order to provide more ability to the handler, the company has also provide convenient handling of the machine and also displaying all the relevant information such as water level sight can also be checked using a pressure gauge. You can even perform pump operation to move the water from the group head to the boiler.

The Bad: Elektra Espresso machine has some of the amazing features which are not expected from a low end machine. It is clearly a valuable machine because price of this machine is quite high compared to other machines in the market. This is one of the significant laid back points which go against this machine. Apart from this, some of the users have found out that the products are little complicated to use.

The Bottom Line: Even though the price of this machine is bit expensive but the features offered by the machine are amazing for the users. If you can afford a machine of high cost and full length of features then Elektra ART.SXC Microcasa Semi-automatica Commercial Espresso Machine is the right kind of coffee machine of your choice.

Elektra ART.SXC Microcasa Semi-automatica Commercial Espresso Machine Review

There are various reviews mentioned on the different e-commerce websites about the product Elektra Art.SXC microcasa semi-automatica Commercial Espresso machine. In some of the reviews users have complained about high price of machine while most people seemed to be satisfied with the functioning of this machine.

Features of Elektra ART.SXC Microcasa Semi-automatica Commercial Espresso Machine

  • Clearly Elektra Commercial espresso machine is one of the most beautiful machines as it comes with a chrome finish. The portafilter is having a handle of bakelite.
  • There are three key types of switches in the automatic panel for coffee brew, power on/off and also a boiler refill.
  • On the part of dome, there exists a brass eagle which is having wings up.
  • One can sight the water level using a pressure gauge.
  • You can pump to deliver water to the group head and also to the boiler. Also it is possible to water refill switch for the boiler.
  • There is presence of heat exchange system and one can extract the flavored espresso. This mechanism helps in ensuring that the temperature is maintained.
  • In order to quick turn off and on, you can perform the twist knob controlled steam. Also there is top loading water basin in order to refill and also ensuring the delivery of water. A manual switch is also provided by the manufacturer for the operator so the machine doesn’t require shutting down like other types of models. Apart from this, the amour plating consumes around 800 wattage of heating element.
  • One can perform the temperature regulation using automatic pressure control and regulator.

Final Verdict

Finding the right kind of espresso machine is always essential to satisfy your taste buds. The machine is an ideal choice for those users who are looking for a fully features machine at competitive prices. If you are not willing to compromise on quality but can afford to spend some extra bucks then this machine is certainly best one for you.

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