How can Biometric Tech Tattoos Be Helpful in Military and Medicine?

Each and every year there are new advancements in wearable technology. The first concept of biometric Tech tattoos started nearly a decade ago. As micro technology has expanded in leaps and bounds, it has created a platform for these small disposable tattoos to be used for a wide array of purposes. There are numerous benefits on both the military and medical level of these bioskins, not to mention the ability to use them for kids temporary tattoos.


Military Benefits

It is no secret that military personnel are heavily monitored in terms of their health and wellness. Soldiers need to maintain a specific level of physical fitness and personal health to continue to be active duty. Bio-metric tech tattoos have the ability to track personal functions and report them back to a physician without the need for an appointment. This can save medical doctors countless hours as well as time and money. Making those soldiers who need their attention a priority. By implementing tracking chips into bio-metric tattoos, it would also be possible to track soldiers better in combat or if they go missing in a war zone. Effectively making their job significantly safer for them.

Medical Benefits

While the military benefits are likely to be the first use of biometric tech tattoos, the medical benefits cannot be understated. Using these temporary tattoos can be a beneficial way of tracking health and body functions for older patients with neurological disorders, individuals with diabetes, and even controlling pain management. In time, physicians could choose to use these temporary tattoos as a way to dispense medicine and even monitor bodies to predict trends that can help them detect heart attacks, strokes, and other life-threatening illnesses faster.

How Far Off?

With any type of wearable technology, there is a significant number of people who are against it. The simple truth is that technology will always have the ability to be misused when it’s in the wrong hands. However, this technology exists now. Within the next 1 to 5 years it is possible that wearable temporary tattoos will be mandated throughout the military platform and used on a case-by-case basis for different types of patients with life-threatening medical conditions.

The advancements with this type of technology is truly astounding. The bioskin has the ability to be worn temporarily for a day or a few days, is flexible enough to be placed anywhere on the skin, and small enough to go undetected. It will easily rub off or wipe off work and be removed. In addition to the military and medical benefits of it, it can also be used to track children which is likely going to be the primary civilian use for the technology. In a world where kids easily get lost and kidnapping rates continue to rise, this technology could not only save their lives but give parents great peace of mind. At this time, biometric tech tattoos are still undergoing a variety of different types of tests. While they are being used on a lower level, the mainstream implementation of them is still a few years off.

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