How your business can benefit from SMS polls?


 Recognizing and responding to the wants and needs of your client base is crucial for the success of your business. You can’t expect your professionals to read the minds of your customers; this is the reason why market research is important. There are various ways in which to conduct user poll or a survey with your consumers, including traditional mail, email, mobile apps and texting.

More and more organizations and companies are using transactional SMS API to collect customer feedback. Between its higher response rates and ease of application, there are various reasons to use text polls to learn ways to improve your business, whether you want feedbacks on your services or ideas for new products. Here are a few more reasons.


Easy set up

A key benefit of text polls is that they have a easy set up, with no complex coding needed and the ease to compile a text and send it to your clients in just few minutes using transnational sms. You just have to set up a few unique keywords for each survey result. Then, for each keyword you can compare the number of respondents in order to find out which one is most popular.

Instant feedback

You can’t just send out your surveys or polls speedily, but you can also benefit from instant feedback with transaction SMS. SMS have a 98% open rate and 90% are read with three minutes. This increases the speed at which you get the feedback.

Higher responses

As compared to any other channel, more people prefer to reply to surveys and polls with Bulk SMS. As people prefer polls through messaging over other channels, they are more expected to answer more of the survey questions.

Great quality information

You won’t only get more replies when you use SMS for surveys or polls, but you will also get great quality information and feedback. In a study done by foreign university, it was found that when question type surveys were done through text, the answers were of better quality as compared to done via a voice interview, even when done through automatic system. Most probability, this is because people feel more comfortable with answer surveys via SMS than responding verbally. In addition, they can answer the questions taking proper time, putting in more efforts and great thought in it. Great quality responses means you will have better information.

Simple to use analytics

Bulk SMS service also provides easy to understand analytic data, which makes it easy for you to study the responses and plan further steps accordingly. Another advantage is real time access to data. This means you can take the action instantly.

So, if you are looking for a simple way to communicate with your consumers and know what they feel about some features of your brand, whether it is a new service or product or customer support capabilities, the most reliable, easiest and fastest way to do is to conduct bulk SMS surveys.

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