It is a priority!

That safety and security of your personal information and data is a priority for a person can never be denied. This is often seen as a human right which the others have no rights to exploit or mess up with. The mess up with our personal belongings happens in most cases when we are so totally unsuspecting of the act to happen at all. Most of the times, it has been found that those whom we trust are the ones who trespass and try to barge in our privacy. The price that we have to pay for allowing someone to go through our personal data would be phenomenal thinking of all the running around that we have to do clearing the mess up. Hence, the protection of our personal, professional and financial information or data is a priority which only you can understand the importance of and thus the safe keeping is also your responsibility which no one can do it for you other than yourself.

Have no doubt!

If you are still thinking about the importance of using a smart method to safeguard the data in your phone or in the other smart devices such as your tablet, then you need have no doubt as the answer is a straight yes. Among the many applications that are available in the market, the most sought after application is LEO privacy guard which going by the survey statistics, it has been installed by more than a billion people around the globe. Many have their own apprehensions about how effective and efficient this app would be but they all have come to understand the strength having this app by their side on their smart phones.

The smart features:

The features of an application which promises to deliver certain incomparable functionalities has got to be very smart in itself and the application under discussion here is one such app and it gives all the needed protection to your smart phone. It is capable of hiding the actual icons with virtual icons and masks the icons or files that are in the phone in the desktop. It is very efficient in giving a perfect alert to your connected device that you can take the necessary steps to immediately do what is essential. Most of the time, people are very curious to know what is happening with the other person life and they do everything possible to feed this need. They want to look at the photos or videos which are related to your personal information and the application prevents this by hiding them in the form of a safe box.

Easy to use:

The application is not at all complicated and is very easy to use. It can be easily downloaded and installed within a few minutes. Because of the user friendly approach of the app, many have installed the app in their smart phone and the number has already crossed a million people all around the world. The app is very regularly updated and the current version happens to be 3.2 and the size of the app is 3.8 and it requires android devices with a 4.0 and above version. It is also useful to reduce power consumption from the battery and with this app installed, you can reduce the number of times you recharge the battery.


The app LEO privacy guard  is very versatile as it can be installed in any platform or device such as android devices, tablets, smart phones as well as the I phone, I pad and others.

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