NBA Draft 2015: Fashion Report Card

One of the most special times of the basketball year is the NBA Draft. Not only is it a chance for us to celebrate the past year in basketball one last time, but it gives us a look ahead to what tomorrow holds — both in terms of next season and the future of the league.

A new generation of players were drafted into the NBA tonight, and while their game on the courts is subject to transitional flaws and growing pains, their fashion game is open for debate and ridicule.

Your first impression as an NBA player is walking onto the draft stage and showing off your fashion game, and tonight we saw a handful of potential future stars take that first leap.

Was everyone up to snuff or did some start their NBA careers off with a stale palette?

The draft is over and the fashion report cards are in. Let’s see who passed and who failed their first test at the NBA level — rocking the best and most outrageously fashionable suit possible.

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