How You Should Really Calculate Car Value India

Car selling is not easy for even the professional car trading companies, and when a private car owner decides to sell his car, things become even more difficult for him. He does not know how to reach the potential customers, how to convince them that his old and used car is in perfect running condition and would be an asset for them and the biggest problem of it all, convince the buyers that the price he is asking for the car is a decent and fair price. One way of finding the right price is to seek help from professional in this regard and the other way is to use online calculators, journals and publications to understand the valuation techniques and use these guidelines for self assessing the fair smart home automation.

No matter which method you choose for getting the valuation for the car done, make sure that the following points have been taken into account. If the below points are not considered during valuation, the calculation of the car value would not be correct.


The future running cost of the car greatly depends on this factor and therefore, if the mileage of the car is not considered in the car valuation process, no buyer would accept the calculated figure for the car. Therefore, in order to be able to convince the potential customers that the value you are demanding for the car is correct, you need to account for the mileage of the car in the final car value. If the mileage is good, the value of the car would be more, and if it is less, car value in India would go down.

Number Of Change In Hands

Another important factor which needs to be considered when valuing a car is the number of previous owners it has had. More the number of owners, lesser would the value of the car be. This is based on the assumption that since the car has changed so many hands, it must have gone through some really bad handling or must have some internal problems because of which the owners dispose it off early. Therefore, the value of the car decreases as the number of its owners increase.

External And Internal Condition Of The Car

Both the external as well as the internal condition of the car will have a direct bearing on the value of the car. In fact, these two parameters are most important in deciding the value of the car. A car in good external as well as internal condition would not just look good, but would also be safe and smooth to drive around, therefore, obviously it would be able to demand a much higher price in comparison to a car in bad external and internal condition.

Papers In Place

Car papers like car registration papers, insurance, completed service book, etc. affect the price of the car as well. A car which does not have these papers ready or in order, would not be able to demand a very high for itself, but a car with all its papers in perfect condition would be able to demand a fair value for itself. Therefore, when calculating the value of the car, proper weight age should be attached to the availability of the car papers. This is something which many valuation methods tend to overlook, but that is wrong, as the car papers are extremely important and in the absence of the same, making the sale might become impossible.


Again, this is yet another factor which is generally overlooked at the time of conducting car valuation, but in the final negotiations with the customers, if the seller of the car does not have a set of two keys to offer to the customers, he might demand a rebate or deduction in the value of the car. Therefore, the smart thing to do is to use it in the car valuation process and if the keys are present, use that to actually increase the car value in India slightly. In case the keys are not present with the sellers, the buyer do not simply go out and get duplicate keys made for the car, but for safety reasons, they are forced to change the entire locking system of the car. This costs huge sums of money and therefore, affects the car valuation greatly.


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