UberRush Expands To San Francisco And Chicago


Uber is now about a lot more than just giving you a ride. Giving you a ride is still what they are mostly about, but the company is branching out into other businesses. Recently they started testing a new service called UberRush which can be used to get stuff delivered from local businesses. The service was initially launched in New York City and I guess they liked what happened, because now it has been expanded to San Francisco and Chicago.

“If every local business delivered, we’d all save time and energy,” said Jason Droege, head of UberEverything in a statement provided to the media. It is a true statement too. The launch in San Francisco and Chicago also brings some new partners like Clover and Shopify, which will encourage more local businesses to use UberRush. It looks like they are onto something here and I don’t doubt that they will expand even further.

If you want something delivered using UberRush, it is as simple as hailing a ride through the app, the entire process takes just a few minutes with payments being handled within the app itself. It is super convenient for businesses.

Uber wants to apply its model to a variety of businesses. It also got into the businesses of delivering lunch and dinner from local restaurants in 11 cities recently.

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