Snapchat shutting down original content channel


Snapchat Stories have been a good addition to the app and the Discovery content partner lineup has been growing giving users interesting content from sources like ESPN, Mashable and others. However, things are changing. The content lineup is losing the original content channel from Snapchat itself. Despite all of the effort and resources that were thrown behind the so called ‘Snap Channel’.

It had a team of 15 people working on it, headed by Marcus Wiley who was head of program planning and development. You may not be aware of it, but Wiley had an impressive resume before being hired by Snapchat. He was the senior VP of comedy at Fox, and was even helped to launch popular shows like “The Mindy Project”, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, and “Bob’s Burgers”. So he knows about content.

Well it looks like Wiley will be moving on, and apparently Snapchat is planning to fire several of the other 15 members of the Snap Channel team too. But don’t think that Snapchat has totally given up on the idea of original content. It will just have to be down the road. Right now content creation in the app will be left to the 15 channel partners. And, if Snapchat does get back into the content game, it will surely take a new approach.

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