Skybuds Wireless Earbuds And Smartphone Case

Skybuds Wireless Earbuds

Alpha Audiotronics have created a new wireless earbuds system that comes supplied with its own smartphone case capable of both charging and storing your new wireless earbuds. As well as providing a boost to your smartphone battery when required.

The new wireless earbuds have been called Skybuds and connects to your smart phone using Bluetooth technology and are available for both Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6S mobile devices.

Skybuds Wireless Earbuds


Watch the promotional video below to learn more about the unique wireless earbuds system that is now available over Kickstarter to back from $244. Its developers explain a little more:

Skybuds presented a unique challenge from a size standpoint. We needed to create an earbud that fit comfortably in everyone’s ear that, at the same time, was small enough to fit into a smartphone case while minimizing bulk. The design needed to be functional, simple and elegant. We began by extensively analyzing ears to figure out the various shapes, sizes and fit points.

An ergonomic fit was our first key parameter and focus. We conducted hundreds of ear size tests and studies and even mapped out many of the ears in 3D so that we could conduct thorough analyses through CAD to understand shape.

Features include :

• Case Dimensions: 10.9-18.7mm (h) x 71.6mm (w) 163.9mm (l) 
• Case Weight: 1.78 oz 
• Fits iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S models 
• Lithium-ion rechargeable Battery; 1000 mAh battery 
• USB Type A female connector 
• Bluetooth Low Energy Frequency Response: 20 – 20,000 Hz 
• Passes drop test and all other MFi requirements 
• Shock resistant

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