Apple’s Mac 1TB Fusion Drive Now Only Has 24GB Of Flash Storage


When  Apple launched their new 1TB Fusion drive a few years ago, the device came with a 128GB flash drive and a 1TB hard drive, this gave you around 1.11TB of usable storage on an iMac.

Yesterday Apple announced its new range of iMac’s, the company has introduced a new 1TB  Fusion Drive in these new iMac’s and it now comes with less flash storage.

The new 1TB Apple Fusion Drive now has 1TB hard drive and 24GB of flash storage, this is significantly less than the previous model.

There are no changes to the 2TB and 3TB Fusion drives, they both come with 128GB of flash storage, so those might be the better options to go for on the new Mac.

Apple has not mentioned anything about why the have cut the flash storage down from 128GB to 24GB on the 1TB Fusion Drive on the new Mac’s, you can find out more information over at Apple.

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