CUJO Smart Security System Protects Your Home From Hackers

CUJO Smart Security System

If you’re concerned about hackers taking over your home network, smartphones, wearables, tablets, baby monitors or Internet connected security cameras while at home.

You may be interested in a new smart security device which has been specifically designed to protect your home Internet connection and home network as well as any connected devices to your home network from any malicious attempts to hack them.

Watch the video below to learn more about the smart security Internet connected system called CUJO and how it may be to help you have peace of mind, that your home network is secure from hackers.

Jump over to the Indiegogo website for full details and to make a pledge from just $49 for the early bird backers. Be aware there will also be a monthly subscription fee to pay, more details of which are available via the Indiegogo campaign.

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