Amazon Family, Baby Wish List Programmes for New Parents Launched in India


Amazon India on Friday announced an expansion of its Prime subscription’s benefits, with the introduction of Amazon Family global programme in India. The company claims it will help Amazon Prime members find what they are looking for at the best price, while also guiding them through the trials of new parenthood. Also unveiled was the Amazon Baby Wish List, for all customers.

With Amazon Family, Prime members will get exclusive discount coupons pm daily household items, baby products, toys, personal care products, groceries, and more. The company chooses to highlight 15 percent discount on diaper subscriptions from leading brands. Amazon Family members can also get personalised recommendations based on their child’s age. It has a dedicated storefront.

On the other hand, Amazon Baby Wish List is open to all customers, and is said to help expecting and new parents create a list of items they’ll need for their baby. The Baby Wish List store has curated and recommended checklists and buying guides that could be used by the new parents to make an informed decision on the required products for their little one, the company says, adding that parents can create lists from products across relevant categories such as baby care, toys, strollers, cribs baby apparel, maternity wear, among others.Amazon Family, Baby Wish List Programmes for New Parents Launched in India

The company adds that the Amazon Baby Wish List provides savings thanks to a 10 percent Amazon Pay Balance cashback if customers shop for products above Rs. 5,000 from their Baby Wish List. Prime members will get an additional benefit of 15 percent cashback. The company notes that both Amazon Family and Baby Wish List come with guides that help navigating new parenthood.

Commenting on the launch, Saurabh Srivastava, Director, Category Management, Amazon India said “We are constantly trying to improve our shopping experience and work backwards from customer needs. With the launch of Amazon Family and Baby Wish List, we want to cater to the new and expecting parents. Customers are going to be delighted by the convenience and ease of access to such a vast selection of baby products, apart from the hassle free shopping experience. We have curated the store with the best products across well-known brands to help expand selection for customers.”


Are these the latest danger gadgets parents are being warned about?


Fidget Spinners were a hit with children across Devon earlier this year and in some schools they were even banned – and now there is a new toy which is set to be the latest craze.

Fidget Spinners come in a variety of colours and can be bought for as little as £2.99. Although the must-have toy of 2017 has been responsible for a number of accidents and injuries.

However the latest “toy” craze is far more menacing – handheld mini-crossbows, or toothpick crossbows, which have been manufactured as kids’ toys in China, The Guardian reports.

Worried parents want them banned before they take off amid fears a child could end up blinded.

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However, more serious damage could occur if the toothpick gets substituted for a needle or nail and could be strong enough to shatter glass.

Worryingly, according to the Shanghai Daily newspaper, the items are also selling out fast.

The Shanghai Daily said: “The ‘toothpick crossbow’ toy has spread across China like wildfire among the nation’s primary and middle school children.

“The unusual shooting toy may be very small but it is powerful enough to puncture a balloon and pierce cardboard. And when the toothpick is swapped for a metal needle it becomes a dangerous weapon.”

This story was first published on the Plymouth Herald.