Cheap FFXIV: Stormblood as PC Game Summer Sales Begin


The PC Gaming Summer Sales have stormed in.

The lands of the east are now open, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is officially released. Rather than fork over the full $40 price for the expansion, PC gamers can upgrade at GMG and catch a 17% discount to $33.29. Authorized Mog Station key deal (the non-Steam version) saving you about $7. Same percent discount available for the Collector’s Edition at GMG..Login or create an account to see their best VIP price.

Waiting on bated breath for the Steam Summer Sale? GamersGate has jumped the gun and launched their own 2017 PC Gaming Summer Sale this week. Discounts on hundreds of titles up to 92% off. The top notable deals include hot offers on Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2Far Cry 4, the entire Assassin’s Creed franchise, and Killing Floor 2.image

While GameStop hasn’t technically begun their 2017 Summer Sale, they do have a boat load of titles up to 80% off. Despite the generic name PC Gaming Sale, it is not a typical round of PC discounts at GameStop. We’re seeing the lowest price ever on Dark Souls III and its Deluxe Edition (which includes the Season Pass). Also notable are discounts on The Sims 4 plus its many expansion packs, Grand Theft Auto V for $29.99, and Tales of Berseria.


iPhone 8 Tipped to Sport 3D Front Camera, A11 SoC Production Said to Begin


Apple is said to be busy solving several reported yield issues it is facing with iPhone 8, including new hardware components, Touch ID improvements, OLED panel yield, and much more. Amidst all the drama, fresh reports bring news that isn’t so bad to the ears. One report claims that Apple is set to include a front camera with facial recognition, despite recent reports of technical issues in 3D camera production. The other report claims that TSMC has already begun mass producing the Apple A11 SoC on the 10nm process, the SoC set to be integrated in the new iPhone models this year.

The Investor cites a Korea Economic Daily report to claim that the iPhone 8 will have a 3D camera module in the front capable of facial recognition. These modules will be made by LG Innotek, the same company that was responsible for the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera module. “[LG Innotek’s] new facility investment worth KRW 269.7 billion ($238.50 million) that was announced on April 27 will be dedicated to Apple’s orders. The initial deal size is estimated at about 200 billion won,” the report states. KGI was the first to suggest this feature on the iPhone 8.iPhone 8 Tipped to Sport 3D Front Camera, A11 SoC Production Said to Begin

Separately, a new report from DigiTimes suggests that TSMC has started mass producing the new Apple A11 SoC. The company is set to be the sole supplier of these SoCs, without Samsung in the equation, which is expected to be included in all three new iPhone models tipped to arrive this fall.
The report confirms that TSMC faced initial yield issues, but it seems to have solved that now. “TSMC has begun 10nm chip production for Apple’s next-generation iPhone 8 series, the sources said. Production was once affected by issues involving stacking components in the backend integrated fan-out packaging process, but they have already been solved,” sources told DigiTimes.

The iPhone 8 is also expected to sport 3GB of RAM, vertical dual rear camera setup, bundled AirPods, wireless charging, waterproofing, and much more.